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Back in 2008 when podcasting was a new thing, Alyn and Jimmy teamed up to make the very first (and only) episode of Smart Ass Science. They had plans to continue the series, but after graduating they moved 1,500 miles apart. Will Smart Ass Science ever come back? Maybe when Jimmy finishes grad school.

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What is Evolution and how does it work?

  • By Jimmy and Alyn
  • 2008

In our inaugural episode, we spend a considerable amount of time explaining the history and science of evolution, and then show some demonstrations of how evolution and selection work. This episode was made way back in the heady days of 2008 when Evolution was a big controversial topic. Luckily all those days are over now and everyone accepts evolution as fact, so this episode is really unnecessary. Still, it's a fun one, so watch it anyways.

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What is Evolution and how does it work?

Another Episode?

Possibly Coming Soon.

And Another

If the 2nd episode gets made.

And One More

Assuming this trend continues.